Gregg Blake
Placeholder person
Rank Fire Fighter
Station Blackwall Fire Station
Spouse(s) -
Relatives Nanny Ray
Played by Steven Houghton
First appearance Series 10, Episode 1 (1997)
Last appearance Series 10 (1997)

Gregg Blake was a firefighter at Blackwall Fire Station during series 10. He left the watch after being injured on a shout and given an ultimatum by his girlfriend.

Gregg transferred from Woodford to replace Skippy. Gregg had a brilliant singing voice and entered the talent competition at the Ship Aground, singing a version of Bette Midler's classic 'The Wind Beneath My Wings'.

Gregg went out with Tiggy, who was an art student who he met when the Watch were called to a flooded Art Exhibition. Gregg went out with Tiggy a couple of times and the press photographed them. Gregg didn't have a clue why it was happened, until he read the paper the next morning - Tiggy's father was an MP.

Gregg burned down Upham Fire Station, while the pump crew were on standby.

It was a hot day and the fan in the Watch Room was not working. A circuit breaker had been removed in the electrics, so Gregg put it back in. Then, when Upham's crew returned, they found their station ablaze.

Gregg was worried that he had started the fire and he confided in George, who told him to keep quiet. Gregg eventually owned up, after Nick began to challenge the crew about it.