NAME: Joe Walker
RANK: Fire fighter
ACTOR: Jim Alexander
SERIES: 11 - 12

BRIEF: Joe joined the Watch in Series 11 and took an instant disliking to Dan, mainly due to Dan also liking Sally.


ROMANCE: Joe dated Jacqui, but their relationship ended as Joe got together with Sally Fields at the end of Series 11. Their relationship ended soon after though, after Geoff found out and reported them to Chris.

Joe later admitted his feelings for Sally again in Series 12 and went to a gar bar, where Sally was out with Hyper and Joe proposed with a toy ring, while wearing his smart Brigade uniform! Joe also told Sally that he would leave the Brigade for her if he had to!

Joe died at the end of Series 12, in the Chinese Warehouse explosion, just after Sally had accepted his proposal.

TOUGH TIMES: Joe was held hostage at gun-point, but a group of drug dealers, along with Dan. Both of them ended up ok, but Joe coped a lot better than Dan.