Sidney Tate
Placeholder person
Rank Station Officer
Station Blackwall Fire Station
Spouse(s) Nancy Tate
Relatives 1 son (dec)
Played by James Marcus
First appearance 'TV Movie' (1986)
Last appearance 'Series 3, Episode 8' (1990)

Sidney Tate was a Station Officer at Blackwall Fire Station until retiring from duty in 1990


Sidney Tate is married to Nancy, a Careers Officer (previously call centre operator) for the London Fire Brigade. They had one child between them but he died years ago from leukaemia. Prior to retirement Tate has been in the service for many years, seeing himself as old-fashioned and was sometimes at odds with its modern regulations.


When the new ADO, Scace, arrived at Blackwall, he did not approve of Tate's more pragmatic methods, especially when Tate defied his pedantic orders at a shout.

In 1989 Tate started to dread going to work. Every time there was a 'shout' Tate would panic. Tate's fears were compounded by vandalised equipment and appliances that were ready to break down. Once, following an argument with Nancy, Tate was absent from work; Blue Watch covered as best they could. tate had instead drven to the Kent Coast and was sat staring to the horizon over the sea.

Tate was forced to retire from the service in 1990 after failing a routine medical.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Station Officer Sidney Tate was played by James Marcus in the TV Movie (1986) and in the Televison Series (1988-1990)